Power Sector

Transmission Line Designing
Electricity is transmitted at high voltages to reduce the energy lost in long distance transmission. Power is usually transmitted through overhead power lines. Since overhead transmission lines are uninsulated, design of these lines requires minimum clearances to be observed to maintain safety. Adverse weather conditions of high wind and low temperatures can lead to power outages: wind speeds as low as 43 km/h can permit conductors to encroach operating clearances, resulting in a flashover and loss of supply. We do designing of overhead translission lines profiling using latest software like PLS CADD, PLS TOWER, PLS POLE, Jove, etc. We do processing of LiDAR based point cloud data for the transmission line maintanance requirement like PLS Cadd Modeling, Profiling, Vegetation Cover, Thermal Rating, etc. We have succesfully completed many projects for the various transmission lines like 66Kv, 132Kv, 220Kv, 400Kv and 765Kv.

Environment Sector

Remote Sensing and GIS
Remote Sensing techniques have been used in many applications. In the area of land-use and land-cover, agriculture, soil mapping, forestry, city planning, archaeological investigations, military observation, and geomorphological surveying applications are the major users.
GIS is the study of natural and human made phenomena and processes from a spatial perspective. These measurements emphasize three types of properties commonly associated with these types of systems: elements, attributes and relationships. We are specialised in surveying, data analysis, various kind of mapping, developing decision making systems, sattelite imagery analysis, Photogrammetry, etc. We are specialised in LiDAR mapping with the data produced for various purposes like Tourism development, DEM, DTM, POI, Orthorectification, 3D Analysis, etc.