Power Sector

Transmission Line Designing

We provide Power Transmission services within the central grid for power transmission in the subcontinent region, including transformer stations, cables and lines with higher voltages. Services include Transmission Line Planning, Routing, Surveying, Designing, BOM, Maintenance and Contingency services.

We are addressing Clients Challenges in the Electric Power Delivery up to 765kV. Expertise in T&D areas including Routing Evaluation, Survey Acquisition Support, Design Review, ROW Easement Acquisition, Material Procurement and Construction Support. Subject Matter Expertise in Indian Standards (IS-802), Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL), NERC Facility Ratings, Third Party Design Reviews, Overhead Standards Update and Development, Sag Studies, NESC and RUS Criteria Implementation.

We are experienced in Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing and LiDAR implementation for EHV lines. Specialized as Engineering liaison among GIS, Material Procurement, Survey and Construction Crew for huge projects. Persistent approach towards projects, substantial projects include up to 765kV requiring rapid cut-in deadlines. Expertise in PLS-CADD, JOVE Transmission, JOVE Distribution, GLOBAL MAPPER, ArcGIS and LiDAR.

We do designing of overhead translission lines profiling using latest software like PLS CADD, PLS TOWER, PLS POLE, Jove, etc. We do processing of LiDAR based point cloud data for the transmission line maintanance requirement like PLS Cadd Modeling, Profiling, Vegetation Cover, Thermal Rating, etc. We have succesfully completed many projects for the various transmission lines like 66Kv, 132Kv, 220Kv, 400Kv and 765Kv.

Non-conventional Energy
There are the six main non-conventional sources of energy, namely, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy and hydro power. We are specialised in the Non-conventional Energy Resources particularly Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Bio-energy power. We have done various studies related to these fields.